Wokeness is literally all the rage, but it is fundamentally a harsh religion

Rioters in Los Angeles: Burn, baby, burn.

Wokeness is the new religion. It has its high priests and priestesses. It has its orthodoxy. It has its punishment for heresy.

Wokeness decrees that the West, but America in particular, is racist to its core, that white supremacy is the root of all evil, that capitalism is destroying the planet, that people of color are not just targeted by police forces, but that they are victims of genuine genocides.

Take the uproar over the New York Times decision to run an op-ed by US Senator Tom Cotton which advanced the argument that in the face of cities and states to protect lives and property, deploying federal troops might be a good idea.

Cotton might as well have advocated lynching people given the consternation of critics on the Left and the anger of the Times’ own staff.

Now, let that sink in for a second.

Journalists employed by the Times were angry that the paper would dare publish a piece by a Republican arguing in favor of troop deployment.

It used to be that journalists valued other opinions. That, of course, was before they became woke and learned all about false equivalencies. Some opinions speak Truth, while others do not. The ones that do not, should not be heard.

Then there was former Conservative cabinet minister Stockwell Day who was forced to step down from his Telus board of director’s position and his seat on CBC’s Power and Politics commentary show for basically saying that Canada was not a racist country and that the claims that it was were overblown.


The work establishment knows full well that we live in racist countries, that the entire system is racist to its core. That is a given and to challenge it is unforgivable.

What’s the woke expression? White silence is violence.

What a fantastic propaganda phrase. It not just rhymes, but it evokes pain and suffering as well.

White silence is violence. How can anyone not be moved?

The thing is, of course, is that silence is not violence. Violence is violence.

But in our woke era when speech is violence, it was only a matter of time before NOT saying something was violence as well.

That is why we now see people bowing down before black protesters and begging for forgiveness. Silence is violence.

And it’s not just ordinary folk who are begging for forgiveness. Police, guardsmen, politicians are all taking the metaphorical knee and begging for forgiveness.

It’s quite the sight.

Dare I say it is laughable.


No doubt.

The truth of the matter is that there is no genocide being committed by police against blacks and other people of color.

Crime statistics, in fact, show just the opposite.

What the statistics show is that black men are disproportionately committing a large number of crimes – deadly crimes.

Black on black murders are disgustingly high. Just look at the murder stats of Chicago.

And cops are being killed left, right and center. During this week’s rioting three lost their lives.

Are there bad cops?

Of course.

Did George Floyd die at the hands of a bad cop.


But are all cops racist?


In fact, there are now more blacks in police forces of major metropolitan forces than ever before.

There are more black police chiefs than ever before.

There are more black mayors than ever before.

Yet in America and all through the West the Left has taken to the streets pretending we are still living in the 1950s and there are calls for defunding of the police.

And if you question this nonsense you are a racist.

That is wokeness.

It’s a take no prisoners religion.


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