White liberals are the most racist when it comes to indigenous people

Black lives and indigenous lives matter

Let’s talk about racism against indigenous people in Canada.

Canadians have been taking to the streets to protest racism in the country.

The protests have been sparked by the death of George Floyd in the Minneapolis while being arrested for trying to pass a fake $20 bill.

Floyd’s death touched a nerve in people everywhere. To lose one’s life over something as small as passing a fake bill is outrageous.

So people have taken to the streets to protest this most egregious death.

The protests quickly morphed into something else entirely, however. They became protests of what many claim to be systemic racism in the United States, here in Canada as well as elsewhere in the world.

Here in Canada, the protesters included indigenous people in their demands for justice.

Fair enough.

But what do we mean by racism against indigenous peoples?

Most Canadians, I suspect, would answer that violence perpetrated against indigenous people would rank as prime examples of racism.

Others might say that the justice system does not treat indigenous people fairly.

Others might point to outstanding land claims and the lack of control over native lands.

Still others might offer up the lack of employment opportunities for indigenous people.

Now, if Canadians were asked to choose among the various examples of racism suffered by indigenous people, I would think that many would say the lack of employment opportunities would be cited as the one with the most long lasting effect.

After all, how do we expect indigenous people to live quality lives without the jobs to generate the income needed to support a better standard of living?

Is this not the very definition of racism – the denial of a visible minority the opportunities afforded everyone else?

So I ask, why are white liberals such racists when it comes to indigenous people developing their resources?

Wait. What?

The vast majority of indigenous people want to see their natural resources developed.

Few white liberals know that indigenous communities have entered into over 450 agreements with mining companies since 2000.

Or that 58 per cent have a contract or agreement with a forestry company.

Even fewer know that 25 bands produce oil on reserve and another 35 produce natural gas.

Or what about the dozens upon dozens bands that have entered into agreements to have pipelines cross through their territory.

Then there are the three separate indigenous groups who are seeking to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline on behalf of their communities.

Yet white liberals routinely protest mining, oil and natural gas and, of course, pipelines.

When these self-same liberals are told that indigenous people rely upon resource development to better their lives, to lift their communities out of poverty, to provide their young people with opportunities and keep them from crime or worse suicide, they laughingly suggest clean energy development.

How is this not the most pernicious form of racism there is?

Here are white liberals telling indigenous people how they should live, how they should manage their resources.

So when white liberals start lecturing all of us about this being a racist country, all I want to do is puke.

The only racists I see are white liberals who care about minorities when it suits them.

White liberals use minorities to advance their causes, to improve their lives and to make them feel good about themselves.

White liberals do not care about minorities.

White liberals are hypocrites.

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