China lied and people died; now China must pay for those lies

coronaTwo Congressmen in the United States have taken the first step on what will likely be a very long road in securing reparations from China for its role in starting this global pandemic.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind) and Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) have introduced a motion to condemn China for intentionally downplaying the Wuhan virus outbreak through censorship and disinformation.

In the wake of the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts of late to shift the blame from its role in allowing the virus to become a pandemic by blaming the United States, this motion is critical.

China does, indeed, need to be admonished and censured for its role in the pandemic. CCP officials prosecuted doctors who sought to inform health authorities, it gave false assurances to people in advance of New Years celebrations, it delayed releasing information to the World Health Organization, it minimized the real threat this SARS virus posed to its own citizens and to the rest of the world.

As a consequence, millions upon millions of China’s citizens traveled all around the globe spreading the disease. They traveled to northern Italy in the hundred of thousands. Thousands traveled to New York. Thousands traveled to various cities on the West Coast.

Today, the West is reeling from the impact of the pandemic and the efforts to stem the spread of the virus in their own countries. The death toll is in the tens of thousands. The cost to the economy is equally staggering.

The economic fallout from the pandemic has cost the United States alone trillions of dollars. The cost to world has been estimated at $11 trillion.

Who will pay for these losses?

Fortunately, international law exists that allows for nations to seek redress for violations by countries of treaties.

In 2005, China along with 193 other countries signed a legally bind treaty which laid out what each signatory must do in the event of a viral outbreak. The regulations cover such infectious diseases as cholera, plague, influenza and SARS – the corona virus.

The International Health Regulations require that the signatories provide detailed information in a timely fashion.

It is abundantly clear that China did not fulfill any of its legal obligations and is in breach of international law.

And any country in breach of international is subject to sanctions and other punitive measure up to and including full reparations.

If the CCP balks at making good on its legal obligations and refuses to pay reparations, then the United States and other affected countries are free to initiate prosecutions and seize assets.

China lied and people died. Now China must pay.

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