Democrats put America’s future at risk while China exploits crisis

President DOnald Trump and Chnese President Xi Jinping

While Democrats in Washington block legislation to mitigate the economic damage done by the Wuhan virus, China is moving to use the shutdown on Western economies to supplant the United States as the world’s premiere economy and dominant world power.

It’s hard to believe that the Democrats would put their hatred of President Donald Trump ahead of the interests of their country, but Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to ram through Congress pet projects of the Left.

It’s mind-boggling, but the Left has never been known to let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.

In this case, however, the stakes have never been higher.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is acutely aware of what the Trump administration has in mind. The president has been quite open about his plans. He wants to bring back manufacturing to the United States, redressing the trade imbalance that has plagued America for decades.

To that end, Trump imposed successive tariffs which had a direct effect on manufacturing. The slowdown in production pushed manufacturers to the limits of their ability to finance continued production.

Then the corona virus outbreak hit. The slow response by CCP officials to the outbreak saw the virus spread widely within and without China.

In China, manufacturing ground to a halt as authorities put city after city in lock down. But the virus took time to propagate in the America and the rest of the West.

Now, it is America that is grinding to a halt and China is on the cusp of recovery.

The CCP plans to use these coming months to its advantage.

“…China’s intention through Made in China 2025,” writes the Council on Foreign Relations in a recent report, “is not so much to join the ranks of hi-tech economies like Germany, the United States, South Korea, and Japan, as much as replace them altogether. Made in China 2025 calls for achieving “self-sufficiency” through technology substitution while becoming a “manufacturing superpower” that dominates the global market in critical high-tech industries. That could be a problem for countries that rely on exporting high-tech products or the global supply chain for high-tech components.”

In addition, China is seeking to portray itself as a savior in the wake of virus pandemic, delivering much needed medical equipment and expertise to Italy, for example.

In the Western press, China is portrayed favorably and even extolled. What the disingenuous stories fail to mention is that China bought up all the equipment and is merely reselling it to countries.

And to ensure that any negatives stories do not mar the narrative, the CCP has expelled a host of foreign journalists.

In the coming months, the CCP will work to solidify not only its power but also its lock on the manufacturing supply chain.

All of which makes the current economic lock down in the United States and Canada so dangerous. If we do not come out of this lock down. with viable economies, our future will be grim indeed. Years of unemployment coupled with stagflation will take a toll on us that will rival anything seen in the Great Depression.

More than that, the West will have surrendered its dominant position in the world to Chinese communists. That is a prospect that should terrify anyone who values human rights.

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