Loss of Teck’s Frontier project reveals the real racism of the Left and the CBC

agreementmapHave you ever heard of Mike Deranger?

No? In a few moments you’re going to understand why that is a travesty.

Deranger is an indigenous leader in Fort McMurray and the owner of Derantech, a 100 per cent indigenous owned business.

Mike Deranger

What Derantech does is train indigenous men and women to work in the oil and natural gas industries.

Deranger’s goal is to train 150,000 tradespeople over the coming years to take the high paying jobs that the sector produces.

His broader goal is to develop a national indigenous trades training strategy, using his recruiting, training, and mentoring techniques, which would be implemented across the country, with a special emphasis on isolated northern communities.

For those of us who follow the energy sector and care about indigenous people, Deranger’s work was vital.

After all, the indigenous labor force is in excess of 1.3 million, most of whom live in the West, primarily on the prairies.

They need jobs. They need good paying jobs. They need the kind of jobs that would lift them and their families out of poverty and provide for generations to come.

Those kind of jobs were lost when Teck Resources withdrew its application to construct a $20 billion oilsands mining operation.

Teck Resources had spent the past 10 years working with indigenous communities to secure their partnership. It spent the past 10 years ensuring the operation would meet all environmental regulations.

Yesterday, Teck Resources pulled it’s application, laying the blame squarely at the feet of the Trudeau government which is opposed to all new fossil fuel development.

So today 14 indigenous communities have been denied their opportunity to share in the country’s wealth.

Now, you know nothing about Deranger and you know nothing about the hundreds of indigenous communities who support energy development because the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, whose job it is to inform Canadians about the vital work of Canadians chooses not to tell success stories such as Derantech.

You know nothing about how energy extraction is vital to the future of indigenous communities because the CBC and the rest of the mainstream media choose to tell you about five hereditary chiefs opposed to Coastal GasLinks and not the thousands who support it.

And because of that the ecofascists, the Left, the degrowthers, the phony environmentalists get to tell their story unopposed.

This is the real racism.

17 thoughts on “Loss of Teck’s Frontier project reveals the real racism of the Left and the CBC

  1. Where was deranger and other indigenous people like him that support the oil and gas industry when they were needed to voice support to this and other projects. Only indigenous voices we are hearing are against oil, gas and pipelines.


    1. Yes and now more than ever they need to make their voice heard and protest the protesters. Pull down the barricades and get this country back.


    2. He was there, along with tens of thousands of other First Nations there to voice their opinions. The CBC and mainstream media chose to censor the truth and only disseminate information they chose to disseminate. By the watching, reading, or listening to mainstream media, you’d think 85% of First Nations were opposed to pipeline and other energy projects. The truth, in fact, is quite the opposite. 85% of First Nation approve of these projects as it offers unprecedented opportunity for the bands and members to have real partnership in these projects and employ tens of thousands of First Nations people, maybe even hundreds of thousands. Instead, the super left media is choosing only to report on the fractional number of First Nation against these projects who are bolstered by American funded professional protestors, who with the help of our mainstream media have had their voice heard completely unopposed.


  2. This article makes a very accurate point. Ernest, I think that you may have missed it.

    People need to look beyond the CBC and other mainstream media for their own personal decision making (and protest justification). The CBC is extremely biased, and very effectively filters out individuals and ideologies that either contest their own and/or their current agenda.

    Read, research, and add value people – your country needs you.

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  3. Not much to say but Canadians voted him in because of a lack of choices. The reason he got in the first time was because we don’t vote leaders in we vote them out, if the only choice would of been a baboon he would of got the job. And now personal agendas have separated the country. The west is the bread and fuel basket of this county and without the gas and oil sector not only is the native people but also the people’s from the maritimes not working good paying jobs that pay good taxes.


  4. It isn’t just the CBC, All the “news” is about the protesters and who is doing what where. Even the so called investigating news programs only talk to the noise makers and the federal government follows along, it is all about who can make the most noise. What happened to majority rules? or for he good of the nation?


  5. Where was Deranger? He was there, just ignored. MSM only reports “news” that they can spin to reflect their Leftist editorial bias. The entitled CBC spouts the government line when we have a Left government, and goes out of their way to embarass the government when we have a Conservative government as their funding sometimes is reduced. The Left editorial bias is always there though, as it is with most of MSM. It is particularly galling but not unexpected with CBC due to the amount of taxpayer funding they receive. I resent my tax money being used to support the editorial bias the CBC promotes.

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  6. My problem with this situation, is why in the world do the protesters not know what is going on out west?? Do these people not talk among them selves? Are they not aware that they are taking away jobs from their own people, Finally how are 5 tribes controlling the lives of Thousands of Aboriginals who are trying to make better lives for themselves and their families??

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  7. These protestors are nothing but hypocrites! If they had walked or ridden a horse to get to the protest sites they may be seen as sincere. Bunch of troublemakers with nothing concrete to do with their days. They have no care for the families they are disrupting.. expletive!!!


  8. From experience, there is a lot of wasted talent being denied the opportunity to participate in this fantastic economic engine we call Canada. What these young folks may lack in academic standards is more than compensated for in practical, hands-on creativity, resourcefulness and common sense problem solving. All they need is a spark to unleash that inner confidence. They are great workers. Their biggest problem is they are so darn modest and soft spoken they are often get overlooked in our brash and aggressive culture. So sad that mainstream media focuses on the squeaky wheel minority.


  9. The issue is simple CBC and other News (?) agencies now make the news not report it. By controlling the narrative, they omit or add a word here and there to make their story. Then they sell it to the public. If they get a favourable reaction, they beat it to death. If the CBC and other news agencies wants to report truthful news, they need to report both sides of truth. Truth in narrative is usually found with those who make no noise. The noise is from those who want you toward and believe their story, and react to it by drowning out those who oppose. Worst of all, the parties involved use the race card to snuff out opposition. This stops a majority of the public from any kind of involvement. Then the HATE word is injected. So the narrative is the NEWS AGENCIES, not the TRUTH. They ONLY REPORT THE NOISE.


  10. Let’s not put all the blame on the CBC, after all, it wasn’t the CBC that was responsible for setting up the blockades, shutting down rail lines etc. and threatening to shut down Canada.
    We cannot blame Tech Resources for cancelling the project either, because no major company would consider investing billions of dollars in a country that is being run by a prime minister who would sit back and do nothing while five hereditary chiefs set up blockades and threaten to shut down the whole country.
    The blockades should have been taken down with force immediately after they were set up, and all of the protestors should have been arrested and jailed.
    If any other group of people would have tried this, they would have been shut down immediately.
    It is a sad day when this great country that we live in can be ruined by five hereditary chiefs and a bunch of hired protesters that we the tax payers are footing the bill for.


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