There is no ‘Muslim ban’ and the Press needs to stop being the Opposition

Protesters descend on JFK airport to voice opposition to Executive Order temporarily banning travel from seven countries.


trumpMainstream journalists to a man and woman have succumbed to the Trump Derangement Syndrome where everything newly elected President Donald Trump does is reproachable, evidence of xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia and every other politically correct phobia there is.

Case in point is the near universal hysteria in the press about Trump’s so-called Muslim ban.

To hear the bobble heads drone on after Trump signed the executive order temporarily halting entrance to travelers, immigrants and refugees from a number of countries one would think that the president had declared war on Islam.

Media portray order as a Muslim ban

What utter nonsense. This is not a Muslin ban. Repeat, THIS IS NOT A MUSLIM BAN.

Islam, after all, is not a religion exclusive to the Middle East. In fact, the top five Muslim countries are not even located in the Middle East.

Travel by citizens of Indonesia (210 million Muslims), India (176 million Muslims), Pakistan (168 million Muslims), Bangladesh (135 million Muslims) and Nigeria (78 million Muslims) is not affected by the order.

The countries whose citizens are affected are: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

All of those countries are notorious breeding grounds for terrorists and, as such, pose a threat to the United States.

So how can the press promote the notion this TEMPORARY ban is a Muslim ban?

It is being portrayed by mainstream media as a Muslim ban because the press see themselves as the opposition to Trump and the Republican Party in the face of the decimation of the Democrats. Journalists have taken it upon themselves to oppose everything the new president does – everything.

This is not journalism. It is advocacy.

If journalists were doing their jobs, they would be pointing out that former President Barrack Obama did exactly the same thing in 2011.

What’s that? Yes, the feel good president of all time imposed a six month ban on the processing of immigration and refugees from Iraq in 2011.

The decision to stop processing Iraqi refugee requests for a full six months came after the FBI had discovered that several dozen terrorists from Iraq had infiltrated the United States via the refugee program.

Let that sink in for a moment. SEVERAL DOZEN TERRORISTS.

In other words, the vetting of refugees is nowhere as thorough as it should be.

In fact, the capture of one Waad Ramadan Alwan only came about because his fingerprints were found on a phone used to detonate an IED.

Let that sink in as well: It was PURE LUCK that this terrorist, who was living in the US and had gotten in as a refugee, was found.

The interesting part of about this little trip down memory lane is that NO ONE in the media said a blessed word about the ban. NOT A SINGLE JOURNALIST called Obama a xenophobe. No one said he was an Islamophobe.

Let that sink in: Obama was given a FREE PUBLIC RELATIONS ride courtesy of the press.

Today, you would be hard pressed to find a single journalist who has even bothered to read the executive order. If they had, they would know it contains no reference to Muslims, that the ban is temporary, that the president calls upon agencies to address deficiencies in the vetting process and has given them strict deadlines to follow.

Let that sink in: The leader of a nation which has been a target of terrorist attacks temporarily halts travel from countries that harbor terrorists until security agencies can develop proper vetting procedures.

Does that sound unreasonable? Was it unreasonable when Obama did the very same thing, but failed to manage the security agencies responsible for improving vetting procedures?

Trump’s first duty is to Americans, to ensure their safety and security. That is what national leaders are supposed to do. Yet he is being castigated by gutless journalists for doing his job.

The press is destroying whatever little bit of credibility it has left. Less than 40 per cent of Americans trust the media today. It used to be 70 per cent. Soon it will be zero.


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