Democrats send the mob: democracy dies in ashes and blood

Mobs are dangerous. Just how dangerous has been on display for the past three months as protests turned into riots in Minneapolis, in Portland, in Kenosha, in Seattle and other cities in the United States.

We have seen people killed by the mob, we have seen statues torn down by the mob, we have seen buildings set on fire by the mob.

The mob gives individuals licence to act out their aggression.

And last night we saw the mob come for attendees of the Republican National Convention in Washington.

As guests left the event, they were confronted by people who rushed them, spat in their faces, yelled obscenities and threatened them.

It was a disgusting display. It was revolting. It was the mob.

The message was clear. If you are a Trump supporter, you will be accosted, you will face intimidation and you will find no peace.

Even politicians such as Sen. Rand Paul were attacked and threatened last night.

A mob of 120 crazed people swarmed the senator and threatened him. They called upon him to say her name – Breonna Taylor, the black woman killed during a police raid.

What the mob did not realize was that Sen. Paul is the author of legislation which now bans no-knock police raids.

That fact didn’t matter to the mob.

Facts don’t matter to mobs.

This is about power.

This is about intimidation.

This is about frightening people into submission.

This is why the Leftist, Democratic mob has taken to the street to riot, to loot, to burn and to kill.

This is what mobs have always tried to do in the past.

Today, however, the mob has allies in the press. The mainstream press has been downplaying the violence calling the black lives matter protests mostly peaceful.

The definition of “mostly peaceful” is loose.

Burning down stores, looting stores, killing people is not what most people would call peaceful.

The MSM hatred of President Trump is so great that anything goes these days. The man must be removed at all cost. And so they lie about the mob.

But people are seeing with their own eyes that the mob is being goaded on by the likes of Congresswoman Maxine Waters and others to riot, to harass, to intimidate.

This is how they think Trump will be defeated.

How pathetic. How frightening.

Vote as we demand or you will be sorry.

This is not how democracy is supposed to work.

This is how democracy dies – in ashes and blood.

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