Riots, deaths, vigilantes the fault of mayors, governors

There is a reason we have laws and there is a reason the state asserts a monopoly on violence.

The reasons are on display in Kenosha, WI and other cities for everyone to see.

If there is no law and, what is more important, no enforcement of those laws, there is anarchy and there is the potential for violence and death.

Kenosha erupted in protests, riots, property destruction, assaults and, now, deaths in the wake of police attempting to arrest a black man and shooting him when he resisted.

As with all these cases, there was a rush to judgment. It was immediately assumed by the liberal press that the man was shot by police because he was black.

Left out of the story, however, was that the man had outstanding arrest warrants, was wearing an empty holster, had resisted arrest, had been tased and was reaching under the seat of his car seat when he was shot.

Those are important details. Empty holster? Where’s the gun? Under the seat?

Facts don’t matter these days.

Would-be protesters were looking for any excuse to light up yet another city. They had it in this latest shooting and they weren’t about to let it go to waste.

Within hours people had taken to the streets and when nightfall came, it was time to burn, baby, burn.

The protests quickly became riots and destructive ones in the face of the failure of authorities to act quickly and decisively.

When the law is not enforced, evil people will ignore the law.

What happens next is equally predictable. When rioters start attacking people and businesses, eventually people will defend themselves and others. That is human nature.

And so last night two rioters were killed by a teenager wielding a rifle.

The young man has been charged with first degree homicide. It’s really just an effort to appease the mob.

The fact of the matter, though, is all this could have been avoided had the mayor and the governor acted quickly to enforce law and order.

Nature, as they say, abhors a vacuum. In the absence of authority, people will riot and there will be those who respond in kind.

This is why we have laws. This is why we enforce laws.

That any of this has to be explained to liberals is the true tragedy.

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