MSM are the enemies of facts, truth and the people

Imagine a world where the media is an arm of the state, where everything you read and watch is designed with one purpose in mind – to control you.

The stuff of nightmares?

If only….

We see it happening with greater and greater frequency in our daily lives. The news media, the entertainment industry, the ad industry have fast become propaganda machines where the truth, where the facts mean nothing.

Disinformation campaigns are currently in play in the United States courtesy of the coming general elections.

Mainstream news outlets are resurrecting the fine people hoax in an attempt to portray President Donald Trump as a racist.

It truly is a hoax. Trump never, ever called the white supremacists fine people. He never said it. In fact, he specifically called them out.

No matter. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says it was because the fine people statement that he decided to run against Trump, so the news media play along and no one challenges him.

Facts don’t matter so long as the goal is unseating Trump.

Hydroxychloroquine, for example, is used in dozens and dozens of countries to treat the coronavirus and other viruses and has been shown to help. But the mere mention by Trump of its efficacy launched the Democrats and their henchmen in the press into overdrive denouncing it as some sort of patent medicine.

Now, the Federal Drug Agency has fast tracked a blood plasma based treatment for Covid and they are at it again.

It doesn’t matter that back in March of this year, the very same folks were claiming plasma from convalescent coronavirus patients was a promising treatment.

Nope. The truth doesn’t matter. The fact that plasma of convalescent virus patients has been a source of treatment for more than a hundred years.

No, the truth and facts don’t matter.

The fact of the matter is that Trump was addressing the threat of the virus while Democrats such as Speaker Pelosi and Mayor DeBlasio were busily telling folks to hug a Chinese person and to get down to China town for a meal.

Social distancing back then was RACIST.

Is it any wonder that trust in the media is at an all time low?

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