Warlord: Seattle shit show a taste of things come

Raz Simone in all his glory

Well, we’re all getting to see what happens when you defund the police courtesy of events in Seattle, Washington.

The defund the police movement is all the rage among white liberals who are bowing and scraping before members of Black Lives Matter.

‘We’re guilty of white supremacy,” they proclaim as they prostrate themselves before black rioters and thugs.

The police, the white liberals agree, are agents of white supremacy, slave agents.

Here in Canada, Green Party leader Elizabeth May says the RCMP is a racist institution.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even says the entire country, its institutions, its very government are racist.

RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki says she welcomes a discussion on defunding the police.

And in Seattle, BLM and its Antifa allies have carved out a six block section of downtown Seattle and expelled the police.

They’re calling it the Autonomous Free Zone of CHAZ.

There is even a wannabe warlord, Raz Simone, a beefy black man who fancies himself a rapper and now chief enforcer of CHAZ.

It’s all a bit too much like Escape From New York or Escape from LA for sane people’s liking.

Seattle police say crime is up 300 per cent in the free zone.

Does it really matter?

Seattle police won’t do anything.

Hell, Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee didn’t even know a chunk of Seattle had been occupied and declared not part of the United States.

This is the very definition of a shit show.

What’s happening in Seattle, of course, will soon be copied in other cities.

That’s the way the organizers have it planned.

It gives us all a good idea of what happens when you defund the police.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Kick the police out and you get the Simones of the world setting up shop, collecting their tithes and enforcing their rules.

Ah, brave new world.

We are doomed.

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