Proclaiming we are all racists while real slavery still exists in Africa, Asia true hypocrisy

Walk Free Foundation graphic shows where slavery is prevalent.

Like most sane, rational people, I have a problem with virtue signaling politicians.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death while being arrested by Minneapolis police, politician after politician have joined the mob to proclaim we are all racists, that “white silence is violence” and that the police must be disbanded or at the very least defunded.

Last week, Health Minister Patty Hajdu even proclaimed there is a “pandemic of racism” affecting the world and that Canada has joined the battle.

It’s all utter rubbish, of course.

If there is a pandemic of racism (whatever that term means) then it something affecting every single continent. That is what a pandemic means.

So does Hajdu mean continents where people of color are in absolute majorities – Africa and Asia – are guilty of racism?


That would mean that all races could be guilty of racism and, as we all know, that is impossible, right?

The racism Hajdu and others denounce is racism directed at people of color by whites.

Thanks to weeks of rioting, we all know that being white means you carry the mark of Cain and that if you’re white, you’re a racist.

All of this self-flagellation in the wake of Floyd’s death is pure virtue signaling and does nothing to actually address human rights.

Floyd died at the hands of a bad cop. Whether that cop was racist or not is really irrelevant. He was a bad cop who had been cited dozens of times in the past for brutality.  Floyd deserved better. There was a duty of care that was ignored.

There are other bad cops out there. They’re a small percentage of cops, but they do exist.

Why are we not asking a more pertinent question: Why is it so hard to get rid of bad cops?

One would think that a police captain, like any other manager, could simply fire any cop that got out of line.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Firing a bad cop is just as hard as firing a bad teacher or any other public servant.

Their unions make it extremely hard.

So why don’t we make it easier?

Why don’t we clip the wings of public sector unions?

Wait. What?

Tackle the unions. That would go against everything the Left, progressives, Democrats, liberals uphold.

Can’t have that, can we?

This is why all the chest thumping, all the hand wringing is such bullshit.

There are real problems in the world. There are 40 million people living in real slavery around the world today. Millions of millions of people (mostly women) are trafficked daily. Millions of children work in sweat shops, factories and mines to supply cheap goods to the West.

In fact, slavers make more money today than they ever did at the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Why is no one marching in the streets for them?

Why does the Left only care about black people every four years?

Take your pious pronouncements and shove them. I have no use for hypocrites.

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