Defund the police? It would be so much easier to just get rid of bad cops

Detroit 1967

In the febrile mind of the Black Lives Matter protester, the police are agents of slave owners and white supremacy.

Thus the call for the dismantling of police forces and their replacement with social workers.

As BLM sees it, the issue is that laws exists that criminalize behavior and activities which then require police intervention and, hence, increase the chances that a black person gets killed.

The war on drugs is often cited in this case. If drugs were decriminalized or legalized, there would be far less violence and far less need for police.

OK Let’s look at the assertion.

Drugs are a multi-billion dollar trade. That tells us two things.

One, the demand for drugs is high (excuse the bad pun) and that people are willingly continuing to use drugs despite the fact some like cocaine, crack, meth are illegal.

Two, there are people who are more than happy to meet the demand for illicit drugs and  kill each other to provide that service.

So what happens if drugs are decriminalized or even legalized?

Well, those using illicit drugs now will obtain those drugs from stores rather than shady drug dealers.

Whoa. Mind blown. Problem solved.

Hang on. What problem was solved?

The consumer has his or her drugs.

What about all the folks up and down the drug delivery chain killing each other for the opportunity to sell drugs?

Do they just get jobs in the newly legalized drug trade?

Gee. Waddya think?

Criminals do crime. It’s about making a quick buck. Can’t make money selling drugs, what else can we do?

Muggings. Theft. Human trafficking. Illegal gambling.

And when someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night, who ya gonna call?

A social worker?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to, you know, get rid of bad cops?

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