Defund the police? Have liberal politicians truly lost their minds?

Burn, baby, burn.

How the Left believes we can defund the police and still have rule of law is beyond me.

Yet here we are with politician after politician taking a knee to the Black Lives Matter protesters, supplicating themselves and nodding their heads in agreement.

The cynic in me believes that the supplications we see are little more than attempts to mollify the mob and prevent further rioting and violence.

It is hard to believe that any responsible elected official is surely contemplating disbanding police forces.

Yet in Minneapolis, where this orgy of violence began, city officials are all in on disbanding their police force.

How this will work is a mystery.

Police, after all, have the unenviable job of enforcing laws. Lawbreakers do not like laws. They choose to break laws because they believe the laws do not apply to them. That is what police face on a daily basis.

So what do police do when confronted with people who refuse to obey laws?

If someone resists arrest, should police use all the force required to subdue that person?

Society currently says no.

That is understandable. No one wants to see anyone die for committing a crime that would net them a fine or a short jail sentence.

But what happens when people resist?

What happens when a perpetrator repeatedly commits the same offense?

The politicians who are embracing the defunding the police are not thinking any of this through. After the Baltimore riots, police backed off enforcing laws, backed off confronting suspected criminals. Crime went up. Homicides went up. It was called the Ferguson effect.

That is the real danger when we defund police. Fewer cops or no cops mean criminals rule the streets.

Is that what we really want?

As it is, there are too many cities in North America where gangs rule. Most of the violence revolves around drugs and more black young men are killed by other black young men as a consequence of that scourge than have even been killed by white cops.

There is no getting around that truth.

But for the Left not all black lives matter.

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