New poll shows support for Alberta independence growing; where’s the Fair Deal Panel report?

Time for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to release the Fair Deal Panel report.

Support for Alberta independence, according to a poll commissioned by the Western Standard, is at its highest levels.

The exclusive poll found that support for Alberta’s independence was at 45 per cent and respondents said they would support a Yes vote should a referendum on the issue be called.

The same poll found that 50 per cent of respondents were opposed to independence, while nine per cent said they were unsure.

Support for independence was highest outside of the province’s two major cities.

In effect, the province is equally divided over the issue of independence.

This is a remarkable development. A few years ago, about one quarter of the province supported independence. But support has been climbing year after year.

It’s the reason that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney struck a Fair Deal Panel in the wake of the federal Liberal Party victory last year.

There was anger at Ottawa’s decision to kill previously approved pipelines and openly voice a plan to phase out the oilsands.

Premier Kenney mused about establishing a firewall of sorts to protect the province from Ottawa. There was a talk about the establishment of a separate pension scheme a la Quebec’s. Should Alberta have its own police force? Should we be collecting our own taxes?

It was clear that there was a substantial body of opinion within the province that wanted the premier to openly confront the Trudeau government.

Against this backdrop, the Fair Deal Panel was struck and instructed to find out what options Albertans supported.

One of the questions to be addressed was the issue of independence.

Here we are today, however, the panel’s work is completed and its final report has been submitted to the government, but the premier has chosen to delay its release until the pandemic has subsided.

That’s a mistake.

It’s clear that the Trudeau government plans to use the pandemic and the efforts to reopen and recover from the lockdowns to push its so-called green agenda.

That agenda’s centrepiece is the destruction of the oil and gas sector.

Ottawa needs to be told in no uncertain terms that this continued war against a resource that contributed billions of dollars to all levels of government and employs half a million people is the height of foolishness and will not be tolerated.

At this point, Kenney needs some leverage in his battle with Trudeau. The release of the panel’s findings, as well as the results of these recent polls, ought to remind the prime minister Albertans are not about to bend over for the Liberal-NDP thugs.

Release the report.

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