CO2 emissions: Greens, Liberals, Democrats are all coming for your life

factory manThe warmista, the Greens, the Liberals, the Democrats, the Left, in general, are coming for your life and the post COVID pandemic world is going to be a battleground the likes of you have never seen.

In the past few days, a blizzard of stories about the extent to which the current pandemic has affected CO2 emissions have been published.

It turns out shutting down the economy and reducing the GDP by more than 30 per cent has had effect on CO2 emissions.

No kidding.

According to the first peer-reviewed analysis of the drop in CO2 emissions, daily emissions fell by a whopping 17 per cent or 17 million tonnes of CO2 during the peak of confinement on April 7.

That took the world down to 2006 levels.

In Europe the decrease was even more pronounced – a whopping 27 per cent.

“Population confinement has led to drastic changes in energy use and CO2 emissions,” says Corinne Le Quéré, a lead author of the study by the University of East Anglia published today in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The drop in emissions really isn’t much a surprise, of course. All we have to do is look around us. In the United States, 30 million are unemployed. In Canada more than a million are unemployed. Locked up at home with nowhere to go, one would expect emissions to drop.

Just look at air travel. It’s a mere 10 per cent of what it used to be. Hundred of thousands of people in that industry, of course, are unemployed.

On the West Coast, there are no cruise ships docking. The drop in tourism has had a real effect. With each cruise ship emitting the equivalent of CO2 produced by millions of cars, it’s no wonder emissions are down.

As a result, the study predicts a drop in total emissions of four to seven per cent by the end of 2020.

Here’s the catch, though. That’s much less than the 7.6 per cent annual drop that the United Nations will be necessary over the next decade to avoid a global temperature rise of more than 1.5 C by 2050.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I doubt that all the Greens and Leftists and warmista truly appreciate the import of this study.

Not even the shelving of our economies for months has had an appreciable impact on CO2 emissions from the perspective of the United Nations.

A drop by one third in GDP doesn’t cut it?

We would need to cut CO2 emissions by twice as much annually for the next 10 years just to meet 2050 goals?

I sincerely hope rational people can see the madness in all of this.

For the West it means tourism is gone, oil, natural gas and coal are gone, industry is gone.

For the rest of the world, of course, it’s business as usual.

China gets to build its coal fired power plants and becomes the major emitter of CO2 by 2050.

Ditto India and the other developing nations.


It’s only the West that is being asked to bear the brunt of CO2 emission reductions.

Odd, eh?

It’s as if the United Nations had an agenda.

Nah, that couldn’t be the case, could it?

Do they seriously think we’re all going to sit back and let the warmista destroy our lives?

Buckle up folks, the real fight is about to begin.

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