Trump’s use of HCQ underlines sad state of journalism


Nothing underlines the sorry state of journalism better than the piling on of rabid news commentators over President Trump’s admission he is taking Hydroxychloroquine.

The president told a news conference that he had been taking the drug for about a week.

News reports immediately following the revelation were something to behold.

To judge by the coverage, one would have concluded Trump had advocated ingesting cyanide or some other poison.


I understand that most of the press all around the world despise the man. I get it. You don’t like the man. We all get it.

But it’s not as if Trump is advocating for the use of something that is not already being used widely around the world to treat victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most news reports don’t like to mention that fact. Most journalists ignore its widespread use during this pandemic as both a prophylactic agent and treatment in many countries.

Hydroxychloroquine, to be sure, has not been proven scientifically to be a treatment.

What does that really mean, though?

There have not been sufficient clinical trials of the drug.

That’s it.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that it helps.

That is the reason why doctors are not adverse to prescribing it. As one doctor observed, when you are trying to save someone’s life, you throw the kitchen sink at them.

Although the existing evidence is thin, it is promising enough to warrant further study, says David Boulware, an infectious disease physician at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. “When someone is sick in hospital, we throw the kitchen sink at them, but we don’t always know if it works,” he says. “That’s why we need clinical trials.”

That anecdotal evidence is also the reason why clinical trials are actually underway.

In time, we may learn that the drug is effective at particular stages of the disease. We may learn that it is only effective in certain circumstances.

At this point we don’t know.

Then again, we don’t know a lot about this virus either, do we?

And that’s the point.

The medical community is willing to look at everything and anything at this point.

A good treatment would be a Godsend.

A vaccine, after all, is a long ways off.

But journalists want to bash Trump and they are willing to write and say anything to bash him.

The facts, however, are the facts. Hydroxychloroquine is being used exactly as Trump says it is being used.

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