As states, provinces, countries suffer under lockdowns, health officials again prove useless

Contradictory responses to coronavirus pandemic revealing WHO failures.

Just how useless is the World Health Organization?

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the WHO and its toady supporters in public health departments around the world to be experts who can no longer be trusted.

The WHO leaders and public health officials worldwide are caught in the paralysis of analysis.

Worldwide, countries are struggling with the economic and social impacts of the shutdowns their public health officials have prescribed.

The toll the shutdowns have taken on all of us are staggering. Millions upon millions of people have lost their livelihoods, businesses are shutdown with many never to return. Millions of children are not receiving their vaccines. Millions are not being diagnosed and treated for deadly illnesses. Millions are lining up for food hampers.

But the WHO says the shutdowns are an inconvenience.

An inconvenience?

The arrogance of these experts know no bounds.

Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program said it was wrong to think that countries can “magically” make their populations immune to COVID-19.

The reference was primarily directed toward Sweden which did not take the extreme measures other countries had in the wake of the pandemic.

But the doctor was also referring to countries who are trying to reopen their economies for fear of risking a depression the likes of which no one has ever seen.

Dr. Ryan told the press briefing in Geneva: “Humans are not herds, and, as such, the concept of herd immunity is generally reserved for calculating how many people will need to be vaccinated and the population in order to generate that effect.”

“So I do think this idea that ‘maybe countries who had lax measures and haven’t done anything will all of a sudden magically reach some herd immunity, and so what if we lose a few old people along the way?’ This is a really dangerous, dangerous calculation.”

Where was the WHO’s reticence and concerns back in December of 2019 when the virus was spreading in Wuhan?

Why did it ignore Taiwan’s warning?

Where was the proclamation of an emergency when Chinese officials and WHO officials both knew there was human to human transmission?

Where was the fear when it was clear international travel should have been shut down?

The WHO has no credibility left.

Here’s the worst part. If herd immunity is unattainable, then a vaccine is of absolutely no hope.

Think about it. Herd immunity is based on the contention that if a sufficient portion of the populace has contracted the disease and recovered, then the odds of further contractions drops precipitously.

The WHO and other health care officials are now arguing that there is no evidence that antibodies (a sign you have contracted the virus and your body’s defense against contracting it again) work.

Wait. What?

Do these people even listen to what they are saying?

If you have contracted the coronavirus and antibodies are present, but you can still become re-infected, then how in Hell’s name is a vaccine going to help?

After all, that is what a vaccine is supposed to do. It triggers your body into producing antibodies that help prevent re-infection.

Dr. Ryan argues the SAR-CoV-2 virus will be with us for a long, long time.

Duh. Double Duh. Triple duh.

The HIV virus has been with us for decades now and there is still no vaccine.

You do not stop living, going out for fear of a virus.

You do smart things.

In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic we know that the vast majority of deaths have been in elderly care homes.

It’s a national tragedy. Eighty to 90 per cent of deaths are among seniors.

That’s because only a few state and provincial governments have implemented proper screening and protocols in elderly care facilities.

Florida is the exception and its approach should be a model for everyone else.

Premiers, governors all have blood on their hands because they were all too stupid to understand the risks to the elderly when it was plain for the rest of us to see.

Shutting down our economies did nothing to protect the elderly. They died by the tens and hundreds of thousands because public health officials lack common sense. They are transfixed by their models.

Why we continue to listen to them is beyond me.

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