Efforts to weaponize pandemic against Trump are doomed to failure

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

With former Vice President Joe Biden having become the de facto Democratic Presidential nominee, it clear the party and its liberal allies in the press have concluded the only way they can defeat Donald Trump is use the Wuhan virus pandemic against him.

What other choice do they have?

Biden, after all, is not exactly the white knight they had hoped would ride into battle and slay the dragon that is Trump.

The former vice president is a pale shadow of himself. He can barely string words together and when he does, none of it makes any sense.

So if Trump is to be defeated, then it will have to be his handling of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

That’s why we have the desperate attempt to rewrite history. It’s an effort to cast the president as not being up to the task of combating this pandemic.

Trump’s most rabid critics accuse him of not taking the pandemic seriously, of having reckless disregard for the threat it posed and lacking in compassion.

The thing is, though, the president acted long before any other Western leader acted. He struck a virus task force in the midst of the Democrats’ efforts to impeach him, he banned air travel to and from China in late January and brought the dangers of the virus to the nation’s attention in his State of the Union Address.

All of this was well before the World Health Organization had even declared an emergency and eventually a pandemic.

Ironically, when he struck the task force, Democrats and their toadies in the press accused him of stacking it with old white men, ignoring the women on the task force who are clearly brilliant like Dr. Birx.

When he banned air travel to and from China, he was accused by Biden of being a racist and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was trying to pass legislation which would stop him from enacting the ban.

The most egregious accusation is that Trump is not heeding the advice of doctors and scientists.

What the critics fail to point out is that the public health establishment was following the lead of the WHO and downplaying this virus from the very start.

The country’s that fared the best were those that IGNORED the WHO and undertook stringent efforts to quarantine China.

That is why the effort to weaponize the virus against Trump is doomed to failure.

The truth of the matter is that this pandemic began in a laboratory in Wuhan and China tried to cover it up. The Chinese Communist Party may have even made a calculated effort to spread the virus to the West when it did not ban air travel out of Wuhan to foreign destinations.

With China ultimately to blame for this pandemic, Trump can easily answer the attacks being leveled against him.

China is also Biden’s Achilles heel. His long association with China and that of his son will haunt him throughout the campaign.

As it stands now, the United States is doing far better in combating the virus than most of the European countries.

That is no mean feat, no matter what the president’s critics claim.

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