China has committed a crime against humanity and it must now pay

China President Xi Jinping

It is my enduring hope that the vast majority of people are possessed of common sense and that this global pandemic has awakened in all of us an understanding that the three decades effort to bring China into the brotherhood of nations has been a colossal mistake.

America’s elite believed that China could be changed if only it were given half a chance. So foreign policy was directed at extending a hand to China and its Communist masters, to bringing it into the World Trade Organization, to granting it most favored nation status, to encouraging companies to set up shop there.

This was all done under the umbrella of globalism, the naive belief that a united, interconnected world would be somehow safer.

Yet here we are today and China is a manufacturing juggernaut, producing every good imaginable and now has an economy to rival that of the United States.

It was all built on the backs of the West’s middle class which lost millions of good paying manufacturing jobs and saw its fortunes decline with each passing year while inflation ate away at their standard of living.

Economists like to pretend this is all due to market forces, that a global economy sorts this all out naturally and countries end up doing what they do best.

Yeah right.

China’s rise was directed by foreign policy. People made decisions that benefited China – and still do.

Globalism’s flaw is that it fails to recognize that nations can exploit the globalist’s desire to do good.

That has been China’s modus operandi from the start.

While the West shipped them jobs, China built up its army and navy.

While the West invited China into the world order, it sought to throw its weight around in the South China sea and cow its rivals.

While the West enriched China, the Communists sought to advance their colonialism and imperialism in Africa.

Here we are now in the midst of a pandemic that has killed thousands upon thousands of people, destroyed our economies and we now know that the deadly virus was born in a lab.

Now the question becomes did China seek to use this virus to visit destruction on the West, on America.


Not really. When the Communists decided to act to contain the virus, they banned travel from Wuhan to other cities in China, but they DID NOT STOP RESIDENTS OF WUHAN FROM FLYING TO FOREIGN DESTINATIONS.

Let that sink in.

China protected its own cities, but did not to stop the spread of the disease worldwide.

To make matters worse, the spread of the disease was aided and abetted by the World Health Organization which knew about the ease of person to person transmission yet DID NOT RECOMMEND against air travel.

As my cop friends repeatedly tell me, there are no coincidences. The evidence is there, the motive is there, the opportunity is there. China has committed crimes against humanity. China must pay for its crimes.

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