WHO failed the world; Trump was right to cut funding until we know why

WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

As predictable as the reaction of Democrats, liberals and the Left leaning press was to President Trump’s decision to withhold funding for the World Health Organization pending a review of its handling of the corona virus pandemic, it was nonetheless absurd.

The WHO failed the world. There is simply no getting around that fact. The only question is how do we ensure the WHO lives up to its obligations.

After all, one would think that an organization that has so much experience with pandemics would have had a plan to deal with yet another pandemic emerging out of China.

The WHO did not have any agreements in place with member nations that would allow it to enter countries experiencing epidemics.

As a result, the WHO’s so-called advance team did not have boots on the ground until the outbreak was well underway and pressure from other nations forced China to open its doors to the WHO.

WHO’s director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus should have been jumping up and down in anger. He should have been demanding China comply with international protocols in dealing with viral outbreaks that have the potential to become global pandemics.

The WHO should have demanded transparency and cooperation to identify the origin of the contagion. It should have tracked the first group of patients. It should have figured out how outbreak started and when. It should have demanded samples of the virus for study. It should have then spearheaded the study of the virus and how best to deal with the outbreak.

None of this was done.

Not one single thing the WHO should have done was done.

Not one single thing.

Let that sink in.


Instead, the WHO busied itself defending China’s response and downplaying the virulence of the newly discovered virus.

The WHO sought to stymie an investigation into the origins of the virus and its possible (and likely) release from a laboratory located in Wuhan.

All this is an unconscionable abdication of responsibility.

Despite all of the WHO’s failures in this regard, Trump is being pilloried for cutting off fund until there are answers to why it failed the world.

The WHO, its defenders argue, is the world’s first line of defense against pandemics and if it failed to deal properly with China we must understand that it walks a fine line when dealing with authoritarian regimes.

Please. It’s a specious argument.

How will China ever become transparent if international organizations charged with preventing pandemics do not demand transparency?

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