Wuhan pandemic: Globalization clearly hasn’t delivered on its promises

coronaThere is certain poetic justice in the fact that globalists are worried that the global Wuhan virus pandemic will undermine the efforts to further globalization.

Ya think?

What the corona virus outbreak has done is drive home the point that world is interconnected to an extent previously unknown.

China, of course, has done more than its fair share of killing folks with wayward germs. The Black Death which killed millions of Europeans and others worldwide followed trade lines.

But China can be forgiven for being the birthplace of the plague because no one knew any better in the 14th Century.

It’s a different story today, however. We know about viruses and how they are spread.

The Wuhan virus now has three variants – A, B and C – and virologists and researchers can track its evolution and spread by studying genomic variations.

Researchers know, for example, that a good chunk of folks in Italy can trace their infections to a Mexican who met a German who met a Chinese colleague who visited his parents in Wuhan.

Man, viruses do travel, don’t they?

Ease with which they spread has everything to do with global travel necessitated by globalization. China produces one helluva lot of the things we consume in the West. Production tends to gravitate toward cheap labor.

Now, the theory of globalization was that the every increasing interweaving of markets was supposed to lead to a complex interdependence that was to make the world a better place as nations came to realize their fortunes dependent on each other’s actions.

Are you laughing yet? This is just too funny for words.

The assumption underlying this nonsense, of course, is that all nations were the same in their structure and adherence to basic societal and political values.

Canada and the United States, for example, share the very same cultural background. We are part of the great European tradition that celebrates liberty and the rule of law. The US wisely chose to break from Britain, while Canada chose to bow before a king. Still we are both democracies.

The trouble is that there are only a handful of countries that subscribe to Western values and hence only a few democracies.

China is not one of them. It is a dictatorship ruled by communists who think that the rules don’t apply to them.

There are lots of countries like that.

You can’t deal with them except at an arms-length basis.

We need to learn that lesson fast.

We need to return production to the West.

We need learn there are countries that pose existential threats.

We need to learn this lesson before another Chinese pandemic destroys us.

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