Billions wasted on imaginary threats while a tiny virus now lays waste to the world

blackdeath“Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

― Samuel Johnson

As I sit here today contemplating the imminent death of my mother from the Wuhan virus – or as the politically correct call it, COVID-19 – the words of Samuel Johnson take on new meaning.

In the days, weeks, months and, yes, even years ahead, all of us will be contemplating the deaths of our loved ones and perhaps even our own.

It is not an easy thing to think about. Death never is. And certainly the last few weeks have a surreal quality to them.

Yet the Grim Reaper now stalks our countries, his sickle mowing us down by the tens of thousands.

When I look at the death projections, my mind reels. Hundreds of thousands will die in our countries. Millions around the world. I even saw one prediction that fully one billion will die from this virus spawned in China before a vaccine is finally produced 18 months from now.

In other words, the corona virus is a true existential crisis.

And that is when I get angry.

I am a climate skeptic, a denier to the likes of Catherine McKenna, Elizabeth May and others who claim the world is warming at an alarming rate.

How many billions of dollars have been spent on battling climate change? One hundred billion, two hundred billion, a trillion?

Climate skeptics have been arguing for decades that the money was wasted and should be spent on addressing real threats.

Can you imagine where we would be today if those billions had been spent on hospitals, doctors, nurses, medical research?

It’s not as if we did not know pandemics can wreak havoc upon the world. History, after all, is replete with examples of plagues decimating the world.

Yet our leaders were preoccupied with the climate, with white supremacists, with gender justice – with a vast array of improbable and imaginary ills.

The real threat – a deadly virus – was ignored. How droll, how utterly fitting somehow. We are undone by nature’s smallest thing.

I will tell you now that there are more real threats that we are ignoring. China’s imperialist designs poses a threat of world war. The coming mini ice age and magnetic reversal or excursion pose a threat to our food supply. We are also overdue for a massive volcanic eruption and equally devastating earthquake along the West Coast. The sun, too, is overdue for a massive CME.

Will it be business as usual when the pandemic ends?

Well, dear reader, that depends entirely upon you. Keep electing fools and we are all doomed.

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