Our public health officials are clearly incompetent; now masks are advised

Hong Kong learned its lesson after the 2003 SARS pandemic

It is difficult to have faith in public health officials when their advice changes from week to week.

The World Health Organization is a joke. We are certain of that now. It did nothing to contain the outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan and aided and abetted the lies that China was spewing. It did not issue warnings when it should have. It did not advise restrictions on travel when it should have.

The WHO’s day of reckoning is coming. You can count on that.

Remember when the WHO and all our national health officials were advising against wearing masks?

All of them said it would do no good.

Remember when President Trump talked about masks?

Remember how the press vilified him?

Well, it turns out wearing masks is a good idea – a really good idea.

Take Hong Kong, for example.

Despite that island’s proximity to the mainland, Hong Kong has escaped the ravages of the virus. In a city of 7.4 million, the number of infected is a mere 845 and of those only four have died.

You read that right. Only four deaths.

Compare that to the tens of thousands of infections and deaths in Europe and elsewhere.

The reason?

Masks. Everyone wears them. Since the deadly SARS outbreak in 2003, it’s become a matter of habit. You wear a mask. That’s all there is to it.

“Universal masking, as a package of anti-epidemic measures, including greater social distancing and hand hygiene, has been instrumental in keeping COVID-19 in check,” says infectious disease expert Prof. David Hui-Shu-cheong of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ya think?

Here in North America and in Europe, health officials were downplaying masks – up until this week.

Now, we’re being advised to wear masks.

I’ve about had it with health officials. They all bragged they had learned valuable lessons from the SARS pandemic.

Bullshit. They learned nothing.

Heads should roll when this pandemic is over. There are clearly a lot of incompetents in charge.

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