Trump pandemic? No, Xi’s disease

U.S. President Donald Trump and China President Xi Jinping

Reading and watching commentators and reporters slyly try and shape the narrative that the devastating Wuhan virus outbreak is somehow not the fault of China is sickening in and of itself.

Look at the White House reporters who continue to pester President Trump about his reference to the “Chinese” virus. The question comes up at every press conference.

Even Canadian commentators have criticized the president for referring to a Chinese virus.


If you recall when news of the virus outbreak in Wuhan occurred, there were concerns that citizens in the United States, Europe and Canada would be shunned and stigmatized.

In Italy, Italians were encouraged to hug Chinese people.

In the United States, politicians were blaming racism for people avoiding Chinese restaurants.

In Canada, no less an official than Dr. Theresa Tam, the country public health officer, expressed her concern that the virus would be an outpouring of racism and bigotry.

In other words, the connection between China and this disease was openly acknowledged.

At the time, there were many of us who demanded that air travel between China and Canada be immediately suspended because of the risk of importing infected people.

We were labeled racists.

Yet we were right. We imported the disease into Canada. Virtually every infected person was a traveler or connected to a traveler.

It is only in the past week that the Wuhan virus has spread into the community.

That community spread could have been prevented had authorities heeded our advice. They chose not to and now we are dealing with an unprecedented situation.

So it is quite appropriate to refer to COVID-19 as the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus. It started in China and it spread rapidly out of Wuhan and the country because Chinese Communist Party officials were incompetent and/or fearful of the public relations disaster that was festering in the city.

Now, the CCP is waging a public relations campaign to shift responsibility to Western countries. While politicians here deserve blame, the ultimate responsibility for this global disaster is China and China’s alone.

Quite simply, China lied and people died.

This is not Trump’s pandemic. This is Xi’s disease.

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