With borders closing today, the tyranny of the expert revealed; we were right

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam and Minister of Health Patty Hajdu

Of all the tyrannies in the world, perhaps the most dangerous to our health and well-being is the tyranny of the expert.

I learned this lesson decades ago covering stories about children with developmental disabilities or mental issues being given Tabasco laced dog food to discourage them from eating dog food. Experts had advised this was an appropriate measure to take.

Those of us with a lick of common sense, however, rightly thought the experts were nuts. You don’t make the cure worse than the disease.

That lesson has served me well all through my subsequent life. I’m sure that lots of other people learned the same lesson as well.

So when those of us with a modicum of common sense saw what was happening in Wuhan, China with the outbreak of the so-called novel corona virus back in early January, that little cautionary voice piped up and said close the border to traffic from China.

Now, federal ministers at the time were saying that it was not necessary to close the border to travelers from China. Experts at the time were telling them, they told us, that such measures were not necessary. In fact, the current Canadian Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam held a news conference and said the science did not support it and that the risk to Canadians of an outbreak here was low.

Yeah, right. Experts are always right, eh?

Today, it’s a different story. Now, the risk posed by foreign travelers is high and they will not be allowed to enter the country.

This is hilarious. What utter morons.

The vast majority of infections we have seen to date in Canada have been imported into the country.

In other words, if we had closed off our border to China and any other country with significant infections, NONE of those infections would have been brought into Canada.

Let me repeat that. Border control would have prevented virus spread here.

That is precisely what Taiwan did. It worked. Despite being geographically close and having significant economic connections, they have very little spread. Taiwan’s approach ought to serve as model for all countries in the future.

So one of the lessons our politicians need to learn from this pandemic is to listen to your gut. Have a backbone. Experts are not God. Their advice is not gospel. Common sense dictated quick, decisive action. Our politicians failed us. They listened to the experts and today our lives have been upturned and our economies gutted.

We need a public inquiry into what went wrong and how we are going to avoid this in the future.

And it will happen again. China is the source of many deadly pathogens. From the Black Death in the 14th Century to the Wuhan virus today, China has been killing millions upon millions upon millions of people worldwide.

3 thoughts on “With borders closing today, the tyranny of the expert revealed; we were right

  1. Maybe we should consider that it doesn’t matter what the EXPERTS know or don’t know. It’s more than likely what THEY’RE PERMITTED to say. Remember Good Morning, Vietnam? The Military grabbed the News Sheet off the teletype, took a big black marker and obliterated everything they didn’t want circulated. It’s called censorship by the ruling powers to save their asses from recrimination!


  2. Alan – I’m convinced that none of this is an accident. The virus was perpetuated on purpose and initiated in the most populace country on earth for maximum spread quickly. The racist angle worked well to quell the SJW’s among us from speaking out on behalf of their own well-being. The result is that we common folk are facing an economy that is about to be heavily dependant on the governing class as it roars toward inflation because governments are pumping money into a system of very low production. Soon interest rates will rise, companies will fail and unemployment will explode and then we “the people” will bey at government to lift them out of our misery.


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