Canada, world needs to get its priorities in order and it’s not climate change

Rise in CO2 has benefitted crops around the world.

There is a reason the Left is pushing the idea that climate change is an “existential threat.”

An existential threat, after all, is literally a threat to life and thus mandates defensive action that one would be loathe to take under normal circumstances.

For example, if someone charged you with an ax, shouting that he was going to kill you, you would well within your rights to shoot him dead.

That is self-defense. It is a natural right.

If that same man approached you yelling vulgarities, you could not shoot him.

Without a clear existential threat, there is no justification for violence.

It is no different with climate change.

The charge is being made that climate change is an existential threat that is caused by CO2 emissions.

And as a consequence, we must do everything within our power to reduce those emissions.

The trouble, of course, for those us who are skeptics is that the alarmists have been predicting the end of the world since the 1980s.

Back then there were Canadian scientists who said Prince Edward Island would be bisected by now because of rising sea levels.

Those same sea levels were also to inundate New York.

Last time I looked neither prediction has come to pass.

ec-tracker_nh_swe (6)

Snow, too, was predicted to be a thing of the past by now and yet we have seen record snowfall in the past few years.


We were supposed to have run out of food by now as well, but CO2 fertilization has produced abundant crops and is greening the deserts of the world.

So it is difficult to accept at face value the predictions of doom now. The track record of the alarmists is just too bad to take them at their word.

If climate change is not an existential threat, then we need to adjust our priorities. There are more than enough problems that need addressing.

Slavery, for example, still exists. Women are denied their rights in less developed countries. Child poverty is still endemic. Pollution is rampant in Asia.

Here in Canada, we have a drug problem that is the root cause of violence and mental illness. We have a homelessness problem.

We also have indigenous people who have been left out of the wider, non-indigenous economy and society.

It’s a matter of priorities. Climate change is just not one of them.

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