What’s a few dead Canadians when there’s a security council seat on the line?

Premier Trudeau as a hearty handshake for Iran’s foreign minister, while Canadian Foreign Minister Champagne has a WTF moment.

For most Canadians Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s quest for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council is something of a puzzle.

After all, most Canadians have more immediate concerns. Things like keeping a roof over their heads and putting food on the table and whether the trains will be running today always weigh heavier than a single vote on a council that is dominated by the big five powers.

There are some Canadians, of course, for whom symbolism matters a great deal. Those are the woke folks who believe that we should be leading the battle to convert to renewable energy even though it is impossible. They’re the folks who think transwomen should be allowed to compete against cis women because, you know, women are women.

In other words, it’s about progressive street cred. Trudeau says he wants the seat because it would make the country’s job of pushing for gender equality, LBGTQ rights, climate change action so much easier.

Sure. Whatever.

Trudeau has been dropping a few million here and a couple of hundred million there in his quest for the council seat. He’s more than willing to spend the entire $3 billion foreign aid budget if it got him that seat.

Now, he touring Africa. He told the Senegalese he’s happy to develop their oil and natural gas industry. Imprison gays? Hey, different strokes for different folks.

Is he above shaking hands with Iranian dictators who shot down our citizens? Hell, no. They have a vote.

That seat. It’s all about that seat.

If he gets that seat, he can boast he’s done it. Canada is a world leader. My socks did it. My hair did it. My name did it. Take that Harper. Now you can all get back to loving me, blackface and all.

It’s about hanging onto power. The Liberals came within a hair’s breadth of losing last time around. They actually lost the popular vote and only hung on thanks to a few woke ridings. If the NDP had done better, it would have been a Conservative victory.

So the Liberals will support Trudeau in his quest.

Of course, if he can’t get the trains running again, that support will vanish. Even Liberals are not that stupid.

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