Majority of First Nations support pipelines

Anti-pipeline demonstrators block the intersection of Cambie Street and Broadway in Vancouver.

One of the truly great injustices suffered by First Nations people is the selective outrage of the liberal media.

There is little argument that Canada’s indigenous people do not fare as well as their non-indigenous people. They earn less money, their living conditions are atrocious in many instances and they simply have fewer opportunities.

What too many people do not understand is that most indigenous people know all of this and want to do something about it. They don’t want handouts, they want jobs and opportunities.

That’s why 43 First Nations and other indigenous groups support the TransMountain pipeline, while only 12 are opposed.

As for the Coastal GasLink pipeline, it is supported by ALL First Nations along the route, with the exception of a handful Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.

There’s a good reason why indigenous people want that development. Their right to be consulted has paved the way for mutual-benefit agreements with energy companies and governments. These MBAs mean millions of dollars up front, plus tens of millions over the life of the pipeline. First Nation MBAs involved with Coastal GasLink will also receive cash payments from the province’s resource-revenue sharing pprogram.

The benefits, however, don’t end just there. The agreements also include valuable guarantees of employment, job training, and contract set-asides. Those benefits are actually of greater benefit in the long run, because they are the doors of opportunity.

Ironically, the pipelines are being opposed by First Nation groups that are mostly located on the coast near Vancouver where the economic opportunities are greater.

For example, the Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish First Nations, who were prominent in the opposition to Trans Mountain, are active in real-estate development.

Squamish, in fact, has a lucrative contract with a small LNG export facility.

Most people do not know that Tsleil-Waututh’s opposition has also been funded for the last decade by the Tides Foundation.

As Vivian Krause has shown, Tides also subsidizes many environmentalist organizations opposed to Trans Mountain and other pipelines.

Yet in the media, the conflict is portrayed as poor native people fighting for their rights against colonialists.

It’s a disgusting and racist narrative. The majority of poor natives are being sacrificed to appease liberal guilt.

It doesn’t get more stupid than this.

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