Extremists winning in Canada


It ought to be clear to most Canadians that the extremists are in charge of Canada.

All across the country, extremists – be they supporters of aboriginal rights or climate alarmists – act with impunity.

  • Over the weekend VIA Rail was forced to cancel 18 of its trains affecting service between Toronto and Montreal because of blockades erected by supporters of the hereditary Wet’suwet’en chiefs.
  • Canadian National Railway traffic was also blocked along the corridor east of Toronto.
  • In Courtenay, B.C. RCMP officers arrested a man dismantling a barricade erected by Wet’suwet’en supporters.

This small group of protesters is flouting the law and gaining the adulation of the media despite the fact that the vast majority of Canadians support construction of the TransMountain pipeline and that of the Kitimat pipeline.

That level of support is no surprise. The majority of Canadians are governed by common sense. They know full well that the pipelines, energy production in general, serves the national interest. They also know that all these projects have been forced to undergo the most rigorous of vetting procedures. Last but not least, they know that these energy projects are of immediate and long term benefit to the indigenous peoples claimed to be represented by the protesters.

Majority support, however, carries little weight in a country where the ruling Liberal party hangs on by a thread of support in a handful of ridings where progressives hold sway.

As a consequence, it is looking more and more likely that the Trudeau government will not approve the TeckFrontier project, that it will be delayed and forced to undergo yet more vetting.

If the project is delayed, it will signal investors around the world that Canada will not approve any more energy projects that involve fossil fuels.

That decision will cost the nation billions upon billions of revenue and thousands upon thousands of jobs.

Worst than that, however, it will lead to the breakup of the country. Westerners will not abide two sets of rules for projects. They will not sit idly by while a cement plant in Quebec which will emit more CO2 is green lighted without even an environmental report and every energy project in Alberta is quashed.

The demand for Alberta’s independence will reach unprecedented levels. So much so that not even a federalist quisling such as Premier Jason Kenney will be able to ignore the calls for a referendum.

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