If only Canada were led by conservatives

President Donald Trump delivers the State of the Union address.

There is probably not a single conservative in Canada, who while watching US President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech, did not wish we could brag about our successes.

The American economy is firing on all eight cylinders. More and more people are working. Wages are increasing. Stock prices are rising. Confidence in the economy is at an all time high.

Here in Canada it’s a different story.

Restrictive regulation, absurd climate policies, over taxation have sapped the strength of the country.

Here in Calgary, the mood is sombre. The downtown core has been gutted as businesses close up shop. Small businesses contend with huge tax increases to make up for the loss of tax revenues.

At the Petroleum Club, the talk is all about the missed opportunities, about the $80 billion that was waiting in the wings once Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was removed from office.

That never came to pass, however. Trudeau was returned to office with a minority government and is now supported by the socialist New Democrats and the separatist Bloc Quebecois.

The Conservative Party of Canada may have polled more support across the country, but because of the peculiarities of how the country is divided into ridings, it did not secure the most seats.

Where the Conservatives did well was in the West, shutting out every other party.

No surprise there. The West has borne the brunt of the Trudeau government anti-fossil fuel policies that undermined the industry.

So when we listened to President Trump brag about the United States becoming an exporter of oil and natural gas, we could only wish our country could have grown so vigorously.

Therein lies the tragedy. Canada has immense potential. Our oil, coal and natural gas resources are immense. We should be thriving in a world hungry for energy.

We are not because we have politicians in power who are ignorant, venal and panderers.

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