Chicago Convention comes into play with Iran’s admission plane was shot down

iran protests
Protesters took to the streets in Tehran in the wake of government admission Ukrainian plane had been shot down by surface to air missiles.

Iran has finally admitted that the Ukrainian plane carrying 57 Canadians was shot down by surface to air missiles.

It took officials two days to admit what most people surmised from the beginning.

Yet in admitting that the plane was “unintentionally” shot down, Iranian officials could not quite bring themselves to admit that the blame rests squarely on their shoulders, with one actually laying the blame on Washington and then going on to claim the aircraft wasn’t identifying itself properly.

That ought to tell any right minded person, Iran is not to be trusted. Its officials are liars. They will continue lying in this case because an admission of culpability puts the country on the hook for billions in damages.

In this respect it is worth noting that Iran, the Ukraine and Canada among others are all signatories to the so-called Chicago convention which grew out of previous attacks on commercial aircraft during times of conflict.

Convention signatories all agreed that states are responsible and liable with respect to the safety of commercial airplanes.

There is a large loophole in the convention, however, and this is where the Iranian officialdom’s propensity to lie comes into play and why a truly independent and impartial investigation is needed.

The convention recognizes that the governing articles do not impinge on a country’s right to self defense.

In other words, if the Ukrainian plane can be shown to have some mechanical problem that stopped it from displaying itself as a commercial airliner, then Iran may escape culpability.

It’s a stretch. After all, the plane was new and had just undergone an inspection. But unfettered access to the black boxes is by no means guaranteed, so it remains to be seen what the investigation as it is currently structured will produce.

So Canada needs to begin preparing for the possibility that the investigation will be inconclusive and, as such, leave it without a clear path to winning compensation for the victims of Iranian incompetence.

Some analysts believe that Iran will do the right thing given its fear of further isolating itself from the Western world.

I somehow doubt that. Iran’s downing of the Ukrainian plane has ignited protests in the country. Further admissions of guilt will only fuel those protests.

As the lies which followed news of the crash show, the Islamofascists will do everything in their power to retain that power.

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