Climatologists should be held to same standards adhered to by engineers

Australia’s bushfires have been blamed on climate change, firefighters blame them on arsonists.

As anyone who has ever worked in construction can tell you, engineers put not just their reputations on the line when they sign off on a project, but their fortunes as well.

Engineers can and have been sued for sloppy work, for lying, for falsifying data, for fudging data. They have lost their fortunes, forced into bankruptcy and, in some case, gone to jail.

Engineers are held to this high standard for one good reason: Lives depend on the accuracy of their work. If they are incompetent, bridges fail, building fall down, planes crash and people die.

So I have a modest proposal to make. I would like to see every single climatologist held to the same level of accountability. I want them to sign off on their work knowing that if they make a mistake they will be held accountable and liable for all losses by businesses and persons alike. If they have been found to have fudged some data, misled people, failed to live up to their code of ethics or were just sloppy, they should be made to pay for their incompetence and malfeasance.

I make this demand because every single time I look at the temperature datasets, I find that they have been changed. The past is being cooled while the present is being warmed. High temperatures from the 1930s no longer exist in their databases. They have mysteriously disappeared.

Now, the climatologists say they have all sorts of good reasons to make these changes. (You can read all about the temporal instability of the datasets here.) But I don’t really care.

All I care about is the people we elect to make environmental decisions on our behalf are relying on these figures. They have concluded the world is warming at an alarming rate and we have to do something about it.

What we have to do, the alarmists say, is decarbonize, shift our entire economies away from fossil fuels to low or zero CO2 emitting sources of fuel.

That’s a big, big, big ask.

It’s going to cost all of us something close to $100 trillion.

That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards.

Worse still, this brave new world is going to likely cause a lot of short and medium term misery. Some businesses are going to go broke, a lot of people are going to go broke, a lot of people may end up dying too.

So here’s the deal, fellas, before we go committing ourselves to this grand plan, I want every climatologist, every meteorologist, every technician involved in assessing the climate to SIGN OFF on their work and be held personally responsible for their work.

I also want yearly audits of their work by independent auditors who have access to all their work and all their emails.

I want to be able to sue them.

I want prosecutors to be able to charge them.

If climate change is so serious, then let’s get serious. We did this in construction decades and decades ago. Everyone who builds understands this. We are liable for our work. It’s about time climatologists were held to the same standards.

In other words, it’s put up or shut up.

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