Is the internal combustion engine doomed?

eletric car
Electric automobiles are just toys.

It’s hard to believe that a raft of countries have decided to ban vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, yet Britain, France, Germany, India, China and few others have decreed that there shall be no sales of IC powered automobiles by 2040.

What are they thinking?

The charitable explanation is that the technocrats of these nations have decided that there is no other way to wean their populaces off IC vehicles and, thus, reduce CO2 emissions.

The uncharitable explanation is that the true goal is to reduce the mobility of the average person, thus ending a century of freedom and mobility.

Electric vehicles are a joke. They are little more than toys for rich people. They are horrendously expensive. They have limited range. They take too long to recharge.

The driving public understands all that. That is why sales of electric vehicles have been so poor. Even with hefty subsidies paid for by the taxpayer, few people want them. If they were a good alternative to IC vehicles, EVs would be selling like hotcakes. That is how markets work.

So instead of accepting the verdict of the markets, governments have decided to intervene. If no one is buying them, we will give people no choice – IC automobiles will be banned.

It’s madness.

Can you imagine what the evacuation of Houston or Florida would have been like with 3 million electric vehicles on the road? The death toll would have been in the tens if not hundreds of thousands. After all, you simply can’t have 3 million cars and trucks charging their batteries at the same time. No grid could take it.

The technocrats haven’t thought this through. They’re pushing unreliable renewable energy and electric vehicles at the same time without any consideration as to how all this will be integrated into existing grids.

All of which leads one to the conclusion that the real goal is to end the era of personal mobility.

The future, in other words, will be going back to the past – the 19th Century when travel was arduous and mostly the preserve of the rich and powerful.

I have a hard time believing that voters will endorse these changes. Cars and trucks are not just essential to our economies; they are part of our culture. People will not give them up without a fight.

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