The Mainstream Media Have Forfeited All Respect


The inevitable conflict between the mainstream media and Donald Trump has come to boil just four weeks into his presidency.  The media are beside themselves that someone would castigate them at every opportunity and use hyperbole such as “enemy of the American people” and purveyors of “very fake news” to get under their skin, as their narcissism and sense of self-importance knows no bounds.  They fail to understand why they are held in such disregard — polling has revealed only 32% of Americans trust the media (down from 55% in 2000) and why so many cheer Trump’s visceral attacks.

Over the past half-century, the mainstream media in the United States have evolved into interloculars for and the Praetorian Guard of the Ruling Class.  They constitute a segment of society which is overwhelmingly Liberal, wealthy, self-centered, isolated, and brimming with disdain for the rabble that lives in fly-over country.   Thus, what passes for journalism by the mass media is essentially a defense of the ideology, lifestyle and supremacy of their fellow travelers in the Ruling Class.

Nothing more reflects this mindset than the coverage of the Obama years.  While anger with the media has been gradually building for the past fifty years, the Obama presidency more than amply explains why the current overwhelming level of disgust and mistrust of the media exists.  And why a Donald Trump was elected President.

In January of 2009 the national debt of the United States stood at $10.6 Trillion, today it is $20.0 Trillion — an increase of 90% (and projected to reach $29.0 Trillion by 2026).  On the other hand, despite the global recession of 2008-09, the debt of all the rest of nations on earth expanded by only 54% since 2008. Meanwhile the nation’s Gross Domestic Product grew by an anemic average of 1.4% per year (inflation adjusted) since 2008 the worst 8-year performance since the Great Depression.  Yet Obama was given an eight-year pass, as the media chose to not question the administration’s blaming George W. Bush for all the economic ills of Obama’s two terms. Further, they willfully ignored or glossed over why the economy was not growing, while nearly every year of the Obama presidency claiming that the economy was on an significant upswing, and that mountainous budget deficits were not a concern.  In essence they assumed the American people were gullible dupes when many were not.

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