Trump led the true resistance

President Donald Trump after taking his oath of office.

Life is filled with ironies, telling stories lurking below the surface of consciousness, surfacing in moments of epiphany.

So it is with The Resistance.

The Resistance is the rag-tag assemblage of Democrats, leftists, socialists, feminists who fancy themselves all that stands in the way of the fascistic dreams of President Donald Trump.

They see Trump as the embodiment of Hitler and so they are the Resistance.

We saw them out in force the day of inauguration harassing people on their way to the event. We saw them chanting their slogans. We saw them hurling abuse at Trump supporters. And we saw them destroying public and private property.

(In fact, police arrested more than 200 rioters on Friday and those charged with rioting face 10 years in prison.)

The next day we saw half a million women descend upon Washington for the Women’s March and reportedly 2.5 million women take to the streets across the West to protest Trump’s presidency.

It was as, Piers Morgan so aptly put, a gigantic hissy fit.

Now, the newly elected president has done little yet to warrant this level of opposition, but it is the promise (or threat) of what he proposes that sends shivers down their spines.

President Trump will upend the New World Order which holds that national interests should be subordinate to global interests, that borders are lines on a map, that the developed nations owe the less developed nations reparations because the success of the former came at the expense of the latter, that the global economy must be managed and controlled in the name of the environment.

Or as Gloria Steinem put it poetically, talking about the Women’s March:

“We are here and around the world for a deep democracy that says we will not be quiet, we will not be controlled, we will work for a world in which all countries are connected. God may be in the details, but the goddess is in connections.”

The New World Order has been in the making for decades with like-minded politicians in countries across the West wholly embracing the ideals of globalism. It is the reason the European Union exists. It is the reason the IPCC exists. The goal is always the same: a socialist global authority that ultimately controls nations.

The fight against climate change was to be the vehicle carrying us to the socialist utopia, with the United Nations in the driver’s seat, because to save the planet from CO2 emissions meant that governments had to take control of their economies, choosing who would win and who would lose and handing over hundreds of billions of dollars to the UN and less developed countries.

Globalization allowed China to rapidly develop its economy at the expense of the West, particularly the United States which lost millions of manufacturing jobs and saw massive increases in its trade imbalance.

China’s rapid growth began when Republican President George Bush granted that country favored nation trading status. That made it safe for corporations to move manufacturing operations to China.

Under the Democrats, America embraced the UN’s climate change programs to such an extent that CO2 was declared a pollutant. That gave the Environmental Protection Agency license to wage war on producers and industry alike.

Now, many Americans resisted all of these developments. Tea Party Republicans fought a rear-guard war against President Barrack Obama for eight years. But it wasn’t until Trump threw his hat into the GOP primaries that a majority of Republicans knew they had a champion.

Trump brought the rank and file together on a promise he would essentially undo all the policies that had led to the destruction of the working and middle classes. National interests would be upheld. Borders would be protected. Interventionism would end. Security would be paramount. The Constitution would be revered. It was old fashioned nationalism and patriotism.

In other words, Trump was the spearhead of the true resistance.

That’s the message he took on the campaign trail and it won him the election.

It was not force that propelled Trump to victory. There were no brown shirts descending upon the rallies of opponents. There was no rioting. There was no intimidation. No buildings were set ablaze by his supporters. No businesses were looted. No streets were blocked.

No, this great debate which Trump started was settled peacefully in polling stations across America.

So for the Democrats and their globalist supporters to claim today they are the Resistance is ludicrous. It is they who have tried to intimidate people. It is they who are the bullies. It is they who employ the tactics of fascists.


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