Five Secrets To China’s Renewable Energy “Success”

Environmentalists are touting China’s increasing use of renewable power, and there are several lessons we can learn from this. Here are five important lessons and takeaways from China’s growing use of renewable power.

Lesson 1: China’s Progressive Definition of ‘Renewable’. My colleague Nishtha Chugh points out that China plans on meeting 27 percent of its electricity output through renewable energy by 2020. This is possible because China defines its ‘renewable’ power mix as including hydro and nuclear power in addition to wind and solar power. Thanks to an impressive recent expansion of hydro and nuclear power, China currently generates 18 percent of its power through renewable sources. Increasing its renewable power mix from 18 percent to 27 percent during the next four years is an ambitious goal, but it is plausible only through a progressive definition of its renewable energy mix.

Source: Five Secrets To China’s Renewable Energy Success

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