Trump Derangement Syndrome

I hope the Left finds a cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome in 2017. If it doesn’t, things are going to get ugly.

TDS is a mental dysfunction wherein the President-elect’s detractors are filled with hateful thoughts, lose all sense of proportion and become unhinged.

Take, for example, Trump’s phone with Taiwanese President Tsai.

trumphitlerTo listen his critics, the president-elect had pretty much flipped China the bird. Washington’s One China policy was no more. Trump was being reckless. Trump knows nothing about foreign policy.

Chill. It was a phone call. Trump didn’t recognize Taiwan as Little China.

Besides the United States is already obligated by treaty to come to Taiwan’s defense if it is attacked.

Then Trump mused in a tweet that the US needs to modernize its nuclear weapons.

OMG, the gates of Hell are opening. His detractors were near to tears. Trump, they cried, is starting the arms race all over again.

They forgot the current president Barrack Obama had already committed $1 trillion to nuclear weapon spending.


Then there was a story about Trump keeping his private security team.

Gestapo. He’s forming his own Gestapo. The brown shirts are coming.

Please. It’s a couple of his trusted security advisors.

The latest, of course, is Trump’s refusal to take the Obama administration’s release of a report on Russian hacking of emails seriously.

Traitor. Putin’s agent.

It got worse when he tweeted Putin was playing the American press like a fiddle.

Manchurian candidate, came the cry.

The DHS report came with a disclaimer at the end that said the agency doesn’t warranty anything in the report.


To top it off, the super duper program the Russians purportedly used can be downloaded by any script kiddie at a number of hacker sites.


TDS is standing in the way of “normalizing” the president-elect.

The Left and its celebrity hangers-on can’t bring themselves to accept Trump as normal.

How could they? He is Hitler himself. Authoritarian and fascistic.

Oddly, this Hitler reborn is standing shoulder to shoulder with Israeli Jews as President Obama and his European toadies piss on that tiny nation.

Hitler, eh? Anti-Semite, eh? Doesn’t sound like any anti-Semite I know.

The anti-Trump crowd needs to get over themselves. Get help. Seek counseling. You’re making fools of yourselves.

Worse, the even less well adjusted TDS sufferers are liable to work themselves up so much that they do something really, really stupid.

So get a grip. Enough already. The election’s over. Trump won fair and square. You don’t like it. I understand. But this is not the end of the world.


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