Left shows itself to be boorish in verbal assault of Ivanka Trump

The Left prides itself on being morally superior to the Right. Its adherents say they are more accepting, more tolerant, more open to new ideas, more welcoming of people and, above all, more respectful of women.

It’s a crock, of course. The Left is nothing of the sort, as a totally unprovoked verbal assault of Ivanka Trump on an airplane showed.


The President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, her husband and children were seated on a JetBlue plane as Matt Lasner and husband Dan Goldstein and their son were boarding the plane.

Upon seeing Ivanka, Goldstein exclaimed in a loud voice, “Oh my God, this is awful. This is a nightmare.”

He then accused Ivanka’s father of “ruining the country.”

According to one eyewitness, Goldstein was visibly shaken and agitated. He screamed: “Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private.”

It was at that point JetBlue staff decided to escort Goldstein and Lasner and their son off the plane.

Dan Goldstein and Matt Lasner

Ivanka, for her part, did not want the confrontation to result in the two men being ejected, according to a fellow passenger, but her Secret Service detail and the airline thought differently.

Lasner, for his part, was busy Tweeting about the incident and lamenting that this was a trampling of his and his husband free speech rights.

No, it wasn’t. That Ivanka is the daughter of Donald Trump and campaigned on her father’s behalf doesn’t give anyone the right to accost her. Their rights end at her right to enjoy her flight without fear of confrontation.

The two men, who are Hillary Clinton supporters, simply don’t understand that. They seem to believe that their anger entitles them to say whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want.

There is a time and place for protests. It is not on a plane and it is certainly not done to a woman traveling with her children.

All Goldstein and Lasner achieved was to show themselves to be boors and provide more evidence that voters made the correct decision in supporting Trump.

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