Dismantling Obama’s Radical, Anti-Energy Agenda | LifeZette

While President-Elect Donald Trump is focused strongly on keeping jobs from going to Mexico and China, he must also fight to deliver on campaign promises to unleash America’s energy industry — creating new jobs and more affordable energy. Under President Obama, domestic energy production — especially oil, natural gas, and coal — have become political footballs. Decisions in the last two years of Obama’s tenure have hurt energy jobs and put various land and methods of shipping off-limits. “Building the pipelines and other energy infrastructure … could create more than 1 million shovel-ready jobs that don’t rely on taxpayer funding.” The current administration is also quietly working to make Trump’s job more difficult when he assumes office. On Nov. 18, the U.S. Interior Department released a final five-year plan for offshore drilling leases. According to the Alaska Dispatch News, Interior officials allowed 10 lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico but eliminated two proposed Arctic offshore options. Trump could reverse that — but it could

Source: Dismantling Obama’s Radical, Anti-Energy Agenda | LifeZette

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