Trump and the alt-right

If you follow the liberal press, Donald Trump’s victory has unleashed gates of Hell:white

That’s just a sampling of the stories published in the wake of Trump’s victory. There are hundreds out there and they all basically blame the president-elect for giving license to virulent hate speech, attacks on minorities and promulgation of white supremacy.

Now, I’m not really surprised by the content and tone of these articles. The liberal press has vilified Trump from the beginning, claiming he campaigned on a platform that was racist, bigoted, xenophobic and hateful. Having painted him as Hitler reborn, it follows that they would now see his victory as having encouraged white supremacists to do as they please.

It’s one of those narratives that liberals take to heart and is reinforced every time there’s a news story about some swastika being painted on a church or some member of a minority is accosted.

The trouble is that so many of the stories of abuse are hoaxes.

For example, there was the report of a gay Hollywood director who claimed to have been beat up by Trump supporters at a Santa Monica bar. It made headlines across the United States. It had liberals everywhere sniffing, “See, we told you so.”

The trouble is that the Santa Monica police said they have no report of an assault.

Then there was the story about a Louisiana college student who said she had been attacked and robbed of her Muslim headscarf by a man wearing a Trump hat.

That story, too, was shown to be a hoax, according to police.

There are many others. All the stories have one thing in common: They purport to show that Trump’s victory has unleashed Hell of earth and God help you if you are gay, black or Muslim.

The latest fascination of the press is the so-called rise of the white supremacists headed by one Richard Spencer, who held a rally in Washington last week that was attended by 200 people.

Now, I have a hard time getting worked up by a rally of two hundred people. If that’s the best the white supremacists can do, then we have nothing to worry about. Two hundred people gathering to chant “Hail Trump!” is more laughable than anything else.

White supremacists do not exist in any great numbers for the simple reason that America truly is a melting pot and the vast majority of white people are not racists.

That’s not to say some white people do not have grievances, but their grievances are not related to race, but to the fact that government policies have hurt them, be they the result of illegal immigration or trade policies that favor Asian manufacturers.

The irony, of course, is that while the liberal press frets about violence perpetrated by white nationalists against minorities, there is real violence being directed at Trump supporters.

In Chicago, for example, a white man was dragged out of his car and beaten by three black men all the while onlookers exclaimed “He voted Trump?! Damn, he voted Trump.”

And in Maryland, a high school student was beaten by classmates because he was wearing a Trump Make America Great Again cap.

There are numerous others, but none of the reports made national headlines and were only reported in local newspapers or local television stations.

Meanwhile, President-elect Trump has disavowed the white supremacists such as Spencer and the KKK.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Trump was quoted as saying: “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn.”

He said he did not want to “energize” the group, which includes neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semites.

In other words, Trump is exactly in the same position as outgoing President Barack Obama who, when confronted with ever increasing levels of black violence directed at white cops, advised the Black Lives Matter movement to tone it down. “Everybody involved in the Black Lives Matter movement … I want all of them to maintain a respectful, thoughtful tone…,” he told a press conference back in July.

Since then, of course, numerous white police officers have been targeted, with five have been killed in the past week alone.

No one in the liberal press ever accuses Obama or his administration of inciting this level of violence even though the president has voiced his sympathy for Black Lives Matter and said racism was systemic in most police forces.

To argue then that Trump is encouraging violence on the part of deluded white nationalists is the height of hypocrisy and perpetuating a false narrative that stokes fear.

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